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We have a limited time offer to the correct families for one male one female puppy ready for home now.
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Discover the perfect furry addition to your family with our adorable male and female puppies, just 9 weeks old. These little companions will grow to a height of 16/17 inches, bringing joy and love to your home. Don't miss out on this special opportunity to welcome a new member to your family.

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Welcome to Great Glen Australian Labradoodles.

Family run home breeders of Australian Labradoodles based in the Capital of the Highlands.

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We are passionate about breeding Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles.

 Our breeding program is focused on careful selection of genetic health,  and temperaments with a focus on fun loving, happy, confident, extremely clever and intuitive companion and breeding dogs who are easy to train.

And are proud to be members of the World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA).  Having achieved the top 8 star rating for best breeding practice awarded by WALA. 

We are Members of the The Doodle Club, a community of  breeders that are working together to improve breeding standards and puppy practices in the UK . 

Our litters are lovingly and carefully raised in our home by our family, so our puppies are ready for your family. 

Our goal is to  breed healthy, happy, intelligent, Australian Labradoodles with low to non-shedding coats in fleece.   

The non-shedding fleece in the Australian Labradoodle are considered allergy friendly with a low doggy odour.  


The Australian Labradoodle is adaptable, intuitive and responsive to human emotions which makes them a great candidate for the role of assistance dog from medical alert dogs to therapy dogs.  They get on well with children and love the company of their human family.  They enjoy regular exercise.  The Australian Labradoodle seeks out the company of their family and are happiest when they are with you as an active member of the family.  

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