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A Great Glen puppy is well and truly loved, we dedicate a lot of time to ensure we are sending you a happy, confident & well socialised puppy that is ready to take on the world. 


We follow a socialisation program called puppy culture when working with puppies until they go to their forever homes. We are dedicated to breeding puppies that are from only healthy, good tempered parents that have been health tested see our health page for more details.

We spend a lot of time with each puppy where we guide, shape and mould puppies based upon critical periods. We work on confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery.

 This means making sure our pups are handled daily, given different tasks and toys to keep them stimulated, introduce small challenges to help them build confidence and have an indoor and an outdoor activity area for them to explore and so they are getting a lot of new experiences in a safe environment. 

Our pups meet our other furry family members which include the cat and visiting dogs as well as human interaction and socialisation, especially from our children all of our pups gets lots of cuddles and play.

We just love spending time with them, especially as the time goes so quickly, but it also allows us to be a part of their journey and follow their progress as they come into their own which helps us ensure we are matching the right temperament to the right family.

Our puppies are not Spayed or Neutered before they leave our home, we do not agree with any procedure at such a young age. Our families are legally required to Spey their girls after their first season and neuter their boys before 12 months of age.

Our last litter born on 26th January


Puppies from previous litters

Play time.jpg
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