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Great Glen Doodle's
Buying a puppy from us

Our breeding program is focused on careful selection of genetic health, strength and temperaments with a focus on fun loving, happy, confident, extremely clever and intuitive companions who are easy to train.  

We  screen eyes and grade hips and elbows of every breeding dog in our program as well as full DNA screening. 

 As responsible breeders we strive to breed healthy happy dogs, and although not all health issues can be screened for the results of our health screening help us make informed decisions on breeding pairs to ensure our puppies are as healthy as we can make them.


Our litters are lovingly and carefully raised in our home by our family, so our puppies are ready for your family. Our goal is to breed healthy, happy, intelligent, Australian Labradoodles with low to non-shedding coats in fleece or wool. We strive to find puppy families that will continue the love and care we have started. We expect our new families to train our pups to walk off lead, have good recall and be well socialised with other dogs. This way our pups can enjoy life to the full.

All Great Glen Doodle puppies receive a health check from our vets at 7 weeks and new owners shall be notified of any health issues found and will have the choice to continue with their chosen pup or wait should a problem be detected that is life limiting, i.e heart murmur.

Puppies will have a full course of worming; they will have been micro-chipped; they will also be registered with WALA as pets; they will have begun their socialisation and toilet training journey; and will come with a 2 year health guarantee for inheritable conditions that are life inhibiting.  Our support is ongoing and we are happy to assist where possible.

 All our puppies are sold as pets, and with a legal spay and neuter agreement as part of our purchase contract. We require proof of neutering by the puppies first birthday. 


When you pick up your puppy you will receive a WALA certificate of registration, 4/5 weeks puppy insurance, detailed notes for your puppy on feeding, health, exercise, training and grooming tips and on going support from Great Glen Doodles. We rear our puppies on a raw food diet for optimum nutritional value and you will be given small amount of food for your puppy to be going along with, we are happy to advise you on how to proceed with your raw journey going forward should you choose to continue feeding raw, you will also get few goodies and a scented blanket of mum and siblings to help with settling in, and of course not to forget the most adorable puppy to give you a lifetime of love.  

We ask all potential puppy owners to fill out a reservation questionnaire to help us get to know you and your likes and dislikes when it comes to a new puppy. 

Once we have received your questionnaire we will make time and contact you. If your happy to proceed you will go on our waiting list until a suitable puppy arrives once your deposit is paid. 

We request a £400 deposit which is non-refundable at the time of being placed on our waiting list, this is taken as part payment of your puppy. 

We require a deposit because this way we can ensure all our pups have a loving forever home before they arrive into the world. We do not breed our dogs unless we have homes lined up for puppies, and need our families to commit to buying from us and do not support people waiting on several breeders waiting lists and taking the first pup to come along.

When puppies arrive in the world after around a week we will contact you when we have a puppy for you.  If circumstances change, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible, before the puppies are 5 weeks and we can move you onto a another waiting list.  This allows us time to allocate a new family to this pup. 

During the eight weeks of the puppies being reared by us we will keep you updated with photos and/or videos each week of the by way of a WhatsApp, you will also receive a puppy information pack and book for you to read in preparation for puppy coming home.

Visits to meet the puppies can be arranged from around 6 weeks as the health and well being of the mum and puppies is our priority. 

We try to guide families with their choice of puppy according to each pups personality, and prefer if families do not look at colour or sex as a factor when it comes to the choosing of their new family member.

To us each puppy is unique and coat colour or sex should not take preference over temperament. The choosing process does not occur until the pups have had their health check at 7 weeks of age.  This is an ideal age to help new owners choose a puppy suitable for their home environment due to the social and physical development of the litter and to possibly choose a breeding quality puppy to be retained for our program. 

The number of puppies to choose from in the litter depends on where you are placed on the waiting list.

*We reserve the right to refund a deposit, should we believe you are not a good match for one of our puppies at any time before the exchange of contract at 8 weeks.

If you've spent time reading our website, researching the breed, reading our purchase process, and have decided the Australian Labradoodle is the breed of dog for you, and also feel your in a position to be placed on our waiting list please fill out our Puppy Reservation Questionaire and we shall be in touch with our availability.

All our puppies are reserved in advance, and only on occasion if we have a litter that is larger than expected will we have puppies available in the immediate future. 

 If your still researching and deciding on a breeder feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any further questions.


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